08.10.2011 | Guardian Big Draw

Over 350 children took part the Guardian's Big Draw event and engaged in a range of activities which included drawing cartoon strips, hang out your washing, mono printing, waves will bring your dreams, alien invasion, ideas and expressions, taking a line for a walk, Halloween cards, imagination planning, alien heads, bodies and tails, stencilling books, geometric images, random post, fantastic creature collage, using the lightbox to create cartoons and caricatures and drawing music.

Artists and illustrators involved included Otto, Steven Appleby, Ros Asquith, Lawrence Zeegen, Geoff Grandfield, Sally Kindberg and Kipper Williams.
Guardian Big Draw
27.09.2011 | Studio Music invites Lawrence Zeegen...

Studio Music provides an insight into the creative process of visual
practitioners, through the music that they listen to whilst working...

Zeegen's studio playlist:
The Five Stairsteps – O-o-h Child
The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
Generation X – King Rocker
Gregory Isaacs – If I Don't Have You
The Jam – That's Entertainment
Girls Aloud – With Every Heartbeat
Marvin Gaye – What's Going On
Toots and the Maytals – 54 46 Was My Number
Wham! – Everything She Wants
Prince – Money Doesn't Matter 2 Night

Find out more about each track at studiomusic.fm
22.09.2011 | It's Nice That - My LDF: Lawrence Zeegen

Thursday’s here, and with it up steps Lawrence Zeegen, Dean of Design at The London College of Communication, an illustrator of 25 years and author of numerous books on graphic art and illustration. Take it away sir...
Rob Alderson / It's Nice That

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s festival?
I’m involved in LDF for the second year running – so the three events I’m working on are at the top of my list. The first is Colourful Life on Hanbury St – a pop-up exhibition of Ian Wright’s amazing project with KeayKolour paper for Arjowiggins. We’ve been working on it for almost a year. Fantastic images that represent Ian’s life – almost five decades as one of the UK’s foremost illustrators and image-makers. A must-see.

Also Kingston University’s Postgraduate show – In the Making in the basement of the Truman as part of Tent London. I leave Kingston University as Head of the Design School on Friday to start as Dean of Design at LCC on Monday so this so this has been my last project for Kingston. And I’m involved in a panel discussion on illustration at Galleria Illy on Rosebery Avenue on Saturday evening.

Of the other events – Alan Fletcher’s The Art of Looking Sideways at Kemistry will be a must-see, Noma Bar’s Cut it Out at Outline and Ben Newman’s Masks at Nobrow. I’m working with Print Club London at the moment so will want to catch Tom Dixon’s Mulitplex at The Dock too. Gonna be busy, busy…

What is the event, place or memory that really sums up the LDF for you?
It has to be Brick Lane, Hanbury Street, Spitalfields on Friday night – it is more than alive, and everyone is always up for enjoying themselves.

Any tips for LDF first-timers?
Stay cool, hang loose, admit nothing. Oh yes, and sensible shoes.

What’s the best way to relax after a long day at the LDF?
Kick off those sensible shoes and eat and drink local – Poppies for fish and chips and a cup of tea does it for me.

What’s your favourite London design icon?
It has to be the Queen, of course. Or perhaps BT Tower? Or a bowler hat? Or pie and mash? Or a gin and tonic? Or maybe just the black cab home to Bermondsey…

In three words, how would you describe the state of the UK design industry
Local, national, international.
It's Nice That
22.09.2011 | Zeegen / Stereohype badges now available...

Selected international designers, illustrators and artists have been invited to submit one to four designs for this one inch (25mm) button badge series. Stereohype sells 'B.I.O. series 10' badges separately and gives them away as a free surprise badge with purchased stereohype T-shirts.

The 'B.I.O. series 10' includes artworks by Al Heighton, Catherine Dixon, Cristina Guitian, FL@33, Gregori Saavedra, Lawrence Zeegen, Nazario Graziano, Stefan G. Bucher, Strange Attractors Design, Tamar Moshkovitz, Thom Lambert and unfolded.

Released: September 2011.
View / Order badges here - Stereohype
22.09.2011 | Illustration Evening at Galleria Illy

There's an interesting line-up taking shape for the free Illywords illustration-themed event this Saturday at London's Galleria Illy. Illustrators Lawrence Zeegen, Ian Noble, Nobrow, Geoff Grandfield and Neasden Control Centre will all be in attendence...

The evening is set to take the form of a discussion led by Pietro Corraini and takes place this weekend at the coffee company's new gallery space; a 'pop-up' dedicated to art, literature, design and gastronomy, apparently, that is staging a range of talks and performances into the month of October.

The illustration evening is a free event but places must be booked via this link. You even get a free coffee when you get there.
7pm-8.30pm, Galleria Illy, 15 Rosebery Avenue, London EC1R 4SP.
Creative Review Blog
10.09.2011 | RCA Secret 2011

Lawrence Zeegen is invited to participate in RCA Secret 2011 - the annual exhibition of around 2500 postcards created secretly and sold for a flat price of £45.00 to raise funds for the Royal College of Art's Painting Dept. The show opens on Fri 18 November.
18.07.2011 | Lawrence Zeegen appointed as Dean of Design at London College of Communication

London College of Communication / University of the Arts London appoints Lawrence Zeegen as Dean of Design. Zeegen to take up the post in October 2011.
10.07.2011 | Binus University / Jakarta appoints Lawrence Zeegen as External Examiner

Binus University in Jakarta, Indonesia in association with Northumbria University in the UK invites Lawrence Zeegen to participate as external examiner for BA Visual Communication course for a four year period. Zeegen makes first visit to Binus University / Jakarta to assess student work July 11 - 16.
01.07.2011 | Kingston University at Tent | London for London Design Festival

For 2nd year running Lawrence Zeegen is to act as creative director for Kingston University's Faculty of Art Design and Architecture Postgraduate graduation show at Tent | London as part of the London Design Festival 2011. Sept 22-25.
24.06.2011 | Stereohype commissions Zeegen to create a set of badges

Stereohype, London-based graphic art and fashion boutique, commission Zeegen to create his first set of four badges as part of their ongoing BIO (By Invitation Only) button badge series. Zeegen takes inspiration from the everyday and juxtaposes images of infants, insects, warfare and design classics to create simple, wearable and iconic graphic statements...
01.06.2011 | Zeegen works with Ian Wright on KeayKolour Colourful Life campaign for Blast...

Lawrence Zeegen, currently liaising closely with Ian Wright (New York) as agent, biographer and copywriter for Blast (London), oversees input into major year-long association with paper company Arjo Wiggins (Paris) for their KeayKolour range on project / campaign entitled Colourful Life. Check back for info and updates on campaign and product launch / exhibition opening in London Design Festival / exclusive web content and the revealing of artworks and 'the making of' film...
19.05.2011 | Grafik (Issue 190) Live Brief

In Grafik magazine's Live Brief feature Lawrence Zeegen, Head of Communication Design at Kingston University, sets his third years a timely brief. Grafik showcases the five best outcomes from a project - This is who I am and this is what I do... - where students explored what it is to jump into the chilly waters of the working world...
08.05.2011 | It's Nice That - Bookshelf / Lawrence Zeegen

Ever wondered what’s on the bookshelf of some of your favourite creatives? What books they turn to in need of inspiration or reference? Well look no further, every week It's Nice That invites someone from the creative industry to share with exactly that, but condensed down, to five titles and the stories behind them. This week - Lawrence Zeegen - Educator, Illustrator and Writer...
It's Nice That
08.04.2011 | Whose Rules are they Anyway...? Lawrence Zeegen + Rebecca Wright invited to present paper at forthcoming 6th UNIDCOM/IADE International Conference, Lisbon, 6-8 October 2011

Whose Rules are they Anyway...?
As designers we adhere to a set of rules and restrictions from within which we operate; the client brief, the design grid, the financial budget, the production schedule, the impending deadline – and yet, despite these, we expect to excel at creativity.

As design educators we adhere to a formal curriculum dictated by modular structures, learning and teaching methods, formative and summative assessment criteria. Our courses are validated, monitored, reviewed and revalidated – and yet, despite working within the confines of these structures we strive to create graduates who excel at creativity.
2011 IADE Conference
06.04.2011 | Lawrence Zeegen joins Icograda Executive Board

Icograda (the International Council of Graphic Design Associations) President Russell Kennedy is pleased to announce that Paul Hughes (the Netherlands) and Lawrence Zeegen (United Kingdom) have joined the Icograda Executive Board as co-opted Board Members. "Paul and Lawrence bring experience, passion and personal networks to our leadership team that will expand Icograda's ability to nurture and develop key programmes and activities. Their approach to the practice of communication design demonstrates the multidisciplinary nature of the profession today and its direction for the future." says Kennedy.

Icograda is the world body for professional communication design. Icograda promotes communication designers' vital role in society and commerce and unifies the voices of graphic designers and visual communicators worldwide. The vision, mission and core values of the Council are collectively embodied in the statement 'leading creatively' and manifested through members' diverse activities to use design as a medium for progressive change.
18.03.2011 | Spring - Icograda Design Week / Vilnius, Lithuania - Zeegen invited to present paper

Spring represents the beginning of the cycle where ideas are planted and, through a meticulous strategic design process, they come to life and we reap their fruits.
This Icograda Design Week will explore design as a powerful process that transitions ideas into functional realities. Spring 2011 will be a great opportunity for designers, business leaders and government stakeholders to meet, discuss and explore design as a basis for development.

Spring 2011 is hosted by the Lithuanian Graphic Design Association (LGDA), a Professional member of Icograda. Icograda is the world body for professional communication design and a partner of the International Design Alliance (IDA).
Spring - Icograda Design Week / Vilnius, Lithuania
18.03.2011 | Go Red!

Zeegen creates an illustration for Go Red - a charity design project raising funds for Richard House, London's first children's hospice.
18.03.2011 | Portfolio | Fear / Fear of Death

18.03.2011 | Portfolio | Bloody-Minded Mother

05.02.2011 | Computer Arts Projects (Issue 147) - New Aesthetic Trends...

What are the new aesthetic trends for 2011? Lawrence Zeegen investigates the ways and means that 9 of tomorrow's exponents of contemporary design and image-making create new methods and modes in their outputs...
05.02.2011 | Mapping - Signs + Symbols Solved - Zeegen invited to lecture and run workshop at ESAD / Porto / Portugal

Lecture: Mapping - Signs + Symbols
Workshop: Solving Signs + Symbols
Date: Weds 23 - Fri 24 Feb
Venue: ESAD / Porto / Portugal

Mapping - From A to Z and back again through signs / symbols and codes...
Lawrence Zeegen investigates mapping through contemporary signs / symbols and codes in a lecture and workshop with MA Design students from Weds 23 - Fri 24 Feb at ESAD, Porto, Portugal.
Mapping - Signs + Symbols Solved
04.02.2011 | Contemporary Illustration Now! - Zeegen invited to lecture at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee

Lecture: Contemporary Illustration Now
Date: Tues 29 March
Venue: Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee

Following the success of his five published books on contemporary illustration Lawrence Zeegen investigates the art and soul of the discipline in international terms on Tues 29 March at Funcan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design, Dundee.
02.02.2011 | Guardian | Equality in the Workplace...?

21.01.2011 | The Art of Looking Inwards... - Lecture / Fabrica / Treviso, Italy

12.01.2011 | Guardian | The End of Our Libraries...?

01.01.2011 | The Art of Looking Inwards... - Zeegen + Wright invited to lecture at Fabrica / Italy

Lecture: The Art of Looking Inwards
Date: Fri 21 Jan
Venue: Fabrica / Treviso / Italy

Why are we all so curious about how other people make work? Why do we feel so compelled to scan design mags, browse books, track blogs, surf sites, rifle through plan chest drawers and flick through other people’s sketchbooks?
Lawrence Zeegen and Rebecca Wright (Course Director BA Graphic Design + Photography / Kingston University) investigate the art of looking inwards through lecture and seminar on Fri 21 Jan at Fabrica, the Benetton funded design school, in Treviso, Italy.
30.12.2010 | Kult - Zeegen invited to contribute an image on the theme of Fear

In a world with so many cultures and languages, the need for alternative emotive methods of communication grows. Four times a year Kult dissects a universal theme, using the universal language of images.

Singapore-based Kult magazine invites Zeegen to contribute on the theme of Fear...
11.12.2010 | Higher Learning - article / Wallpaper / Jan 2011

Can the world's top colleges continue to make the grade?
How do design schools across the world innovate to attract the best and the brightest?
What are students demanding of their courses?
Their teachers have the answers...
Lawrence Zeegen interviewed for Wallpaper / Jan 2011
08.12.2010 | Guardian | British welfare plunges families into poverty

06.12.2010 | Graphic Image-making Now! - Lawrence Zeegen lectures in Japan

Lawrence Zeegen is invited to speak at the Nagaoka Institute of Design in Nagaoka and at the Sugino Fashion College, Tokyo, Japan