The Illustrated Brighton Moment
UnMadeUp, June 2008

How do you cut to the heart of a place like Brighton? In The Illustrated Brighton Moment, over 50 of the city's finest authors and illustrators collaborate to do exactly that, each distilling a singular experience, a moment that pulled them up short and made them think, Only in Brighton.

The result is an extraordinary, multi-faceted portrayal of a city, a literary and artistic collaboration that is by turns wry and plangent, witty and profound, In these superbly crafted miniatures, each writer and illustrator may see a different city, but collected together here these moments create as complex a vision of Brighton as you could wish for.

Edited by Susanna Jones and Lawrence Zeegen, The Illustrated Brighton Moment, is a witty, profound, heartwarming, controversial and above all dazzlingly original portrait of a place and its people.

First published in 2008