Digital Illustration - A Master Class in Creative Image-Making
Rotovision, September 2005

How can you combine traditional handcrafting skills with the latest technology to create arresting images? Digital Illustration breaks down barriers to provide master classes in professional image-making. Alongside step-by-step tutorials, top image-makers give real and practical advice on setting up a studio, creating a killer portfolio, and winning commissions.

Exploring the work of cutting-edge professionals around the world from Ian Wright to Jasper Goodall and Laurie Rosenwald - Digital Illustration captures the spirit of image-making, drawing on both traditional and emerging techniques and media. It is a truly practical and inspirational guide for professional image-makers. Combining influences from art and design, fashion, music and street culture, it demands attention.

Studio profiles
Designer profiles
Step-by-step tutorials
Checklists for successful professional practice

first published 2005