Design Education and Industry in Dynamic Flux


As the digital revolution marches ever onward, new modes and methods of graphic, interaction and spatial communication design emerge and evolve, traditional and digital working practices merge and mutate. Today’s designers have never been so crucial in aiding our understanding of the deep complexities of modern life. Tomorrow’s designers must be equipped with the skill-sets and mind-sets that have a capacity for on-going development.

The challenge for all designers will be to stay ahead of the curve, anticipating change, understanding and comprehending trends, solving increasingly complex communication design problems and making visual sense of the world around them. However many of the very best designers, beyond problem solving and finding answers for questions asked, will pose new questions, explore new points of view and new ways to look at things. They will perceive the world in different ways, see differently, interpret differently and explain differently.

It is as animators, art directors, graphic and interactive designers, filmmakers, illustrators and photographers, fully engaged with our ethical and social responsibilities as 21st century citizens, that we must utilize our creativity to inspire, instruct, educate, persuade and entertain. It is through our work that we have the power to shape opinions, challenge preconceptions, change perceptions and enrich lives.

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