Zeegen interviewed for Basics Graphic Design 01: Approach and Language

Students are provided with the knowledge that will enable them to respond to a course and prepare for a career in graphic design. The book begins with an overview of various approaches to graphic design, as well as its inherent language. It goes on to look at methods for generating and developing ideas, research methods, and understanding what is meant by the design brief. The book draws on contemporary and historical sources and concludes with a discussion on the application of the creative idea.

Approach and Language is the first title in the Basics Graphic Design series from AVA Publishing. These books cover every aspect of studying a graphic design course. Subjects covered include critical thinking and evaluation, problem solving, the development of project work and the realisation of design practice. Showcasing work from students and practitioners alike, the books provide the student with the tools and inspiration they require to develop their skills in new and emerging technologies, and to become highly motivated and independent individuals with plenty to offer to the design world.

“A wonderful guide to the world of graphic design. Through six chapters the authors give a comprehensive view of design, addressing theoretical issues, technical aspects and practice in the design process, with topics as suggestive as "Idea Mapping" as a method of generating ideas. The contents of this book are perfect for both students and teachers. The first find in it a reference guide that will help them get started with the basics of design and learn how to deal with their first projects. For teachers, this book is an inexhaustible source of exercises that they can develop with their students throughout the course. Indispensable.” – Nacho Lavernia, Lavernia & Cienfuegos Diseño, 2012

“A beautifully laid out book that provides an enormous amount of information between its covers. Popular with students and tutors.” – John Blackman, Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, UK

“Well structured and with valuable and imaginative exercises. I particularly liked the succinct way communication is contextualized and the pointed ways of getting ideas ... graphically appealing and with a good balance between text and image.” – Mário Roda, Escola Universitária das Artes de Coimbra,Portugal

“A superb accompaniment to Design Thinking that helps students develop the appropriate academic language and visual references. The briefs are particulalry useful as exercises in helping students application of knowledge.” – Richard Johnson, New College Nottingham, UK

“A fairly broad but interesting overview on the design process and graphic design elements.” – Eloise Parrack, Winchester School of Art, UK