Wolff Olins Game Changers / The New Mainstream

Consumers no longer simply consume. They’re active, skeptical, creative, entrepreneurial. This used to be a minority pursuit. Now technology has made it mainstream: it’s given consumers new powers to be agents.

New research by Wolff Olins and Flamingo suggests three particular behaviours are moving from the fringe to become common everywhere. These are not simply a Western, leading edge ‘techy’ phenomenon, the new consumer is an entrepreneurial 60-year old in Toronto, a socially networked mother in Mumbai, and urban migrant as agile and proactive as any tech savvy teen. These new patterns of behaviour demand we re-think what we mean by ‘mainstream’. And their effects are amplified as never before – people, ideas and movements mobilise and pollinate quicker than ever in hard to anticipate, uncontrollable ways. So while much has been offered about trends to watch and the impact technology has on our lives, we believe marketers have been missing a course of action.


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