What Next? The Youth of Today debate the state of the nation - KK Outlet

The youth of today have a lot on their plate; record tuition fees, fierce competition for jobs at Pound Stretcher and a future of crippling debt and cyber terrorism to look forward to.

All of this handed down to them by previous generations of careless/greedy politicians and bankers, all buoyed by capitalist society at breaking point.

So what do the youth think about it all? Are they angry? Are they more politicised than ever? Or are they more interested in TOWIE and snaring their 15 minutes through whatever means?

What’s Next looks to uncover what young people think about the economy, equality, education and digital politics. Each week a different collective will take over the gallery space and create work in response to a live twitter feed as people discuss a specific topic. There’ll also be a different panel and workshop exploring the themes each week, click on the links below for tickets.

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