Lawrence Zeegen appointed Vice President of Icograda 2011-2013

In Montreal (Canada), delegates to the Icograda General Assembly 24 elected an historic Executive Board to lead the Council in its 50 anniversary term. Representing more than 200 organisations in 67 countries globally, the 10 person board will be led by Leimei Julia Chiu (Japan), who becomes Icograda’s first female President. For the first time in Icograda’s almost 50 year history, the board includes a majority of women members.

Leimei Julia Chiu is Executive Director of the Japan Institute of Design Promotion and a Professor in the Department of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University. She was born in Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), raised and educated in the United States and later Japan. She specialises in international policies on creative cities and has worked with governments and academic institutions across Europe, North America and the Pan Pacific Rim to implement design policies and strategic visions for the development of creative industries. Prior to her current position with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion, President Chiu served as the Director of International Relations for the International Design Centre in Nagoya. She has previously held positions on the Icograda Executive Board from 1997-2001.

In her remarks to the General Assembly, President Chiu made note that Icograda’s 224 member organisations across 129 cities and 67 countries makes it the largest membership-based international design organisation after the International Union of Architects (UIA). She highlighted Icograda’s unique strength as an international organisation being its ability to create and mobilise networks of members, partner organisations, international NGOs and government bodies. “Icograda’s role can be to act as a facilitator to serve members and collaborate with non-members. We need to embed real collaboration in our way of working. In the coming term, I envision Icograda furthering its role as ambassador of design in service of humanity and reaching out to industries.”

The 2011-2013 Icograda Executive Board includes:
Leimei Julia Chiu (Japan) – President
Russell Kennedy (Australia) – Past President
Omar Vulpinari (Italy) – President Elect
Iva Babaja (Croatia) – Secretary General
Gitte Just (Denmark) – Treasurer
Vesna Brekalo (Slovenia) – Vice President
Gaby de Abreu (South Africa) – Vice President
Yesim Demir (Turkey) – Vice President
Sophia Shih (Taiwan, Chinese Taipei) – Vice President
Lawrence Zeegen (United Kingdom) – Vice President
During the two-day meeting in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), the General Assembly ratified several significant decisions for Icograda’s future - delegates unanimously adopted a new sustainability framework that is the foundation for an Icograda sustainable certification process under development; amended Icograda’s membership categories to include networks of education institutions and professional associations; and approved resolutions to amend Icograda’s professional practice guidelines on award competitions which strengthen the Council’s opposition to speculative practice. In an earlier announcement, Icograda joined IDA Partners Icsid and IFI to make a statement on professional practice during the opening of the IDA Congress on 24 October 2011.

Aligning its official name with the language adopted by the General Assembly 23 in La Habana (Cuba), the delegates in Taipei ratified Icograda changing the name of the Council from the ‘International Council of Graphic Design Associations’ to the ‘International Council of Communication Design.’ Past President Russell Kennedy described the new name as honouring the Council’s history by retaining ‘Icograda’ as its primary identifier, while embracing the emerging fields and expanded media practice of communication design.