The Art of Looking Inwards... - Lecture / Fabrica / Treviso, Italy

Lecture: The Art of Looking Inwards
Date: Fri 21 Jan
Venue: Fabrica / Treviso / Italy

Why are we all so curious about how other people make work? Why do we feel so compelled to scan design mags, browse books, track blogs, surf sites, rifle through plan chest drawers and flick through other people’s sketchbooks?

As design educators we are involved in teaching creative process and principles to students of graphic design and illustration. As writers on design we get to be nosy and examine the process and principles of professional designers and illustrators across their practice. But how do these differ, from personal project to commercial brief and from one designer or illustrator to another – and why are we interested?

Lawrence Zeegen and Rebecca Wright (Course Director BA Graphic Design + Photography / Kingston University) investigate the art of looking inwards through lecture and seminar on Fri 21 Jan at Fabrica, the Benetton funded design school, in Treviso, Italy.