15.09.2010 | Book | Ian Wright

Lawrence Zeegen writes the foreword for forthcoming book on Ian Wright, published by Pyramyd
Wright, through both his work and a decade in teaching, remains a key figure and a leading light in contemporary illustration.
30.08.2010 | Article | KIOSK 04

The Limitation of Information
From CCTV to the DNA database - we live in a society under surveillance.
01.04.2010 | Article | Computer Arts (Issue 174) - The Illustration Revival

Illustration/2010 is finally getting the respect it deserves; Lawrence Zeegen investigates an increasingly independent medium that is setting the scene and calling the shots…
07.02.2010 | Book | Complete Digital Illustration

Lawrence Zeegen's fifth book - Complete Digital Illustration (Rotovision) is now available to purchase. The book reflects upon the diverse range of image-making practice that thrives today. Complete Digital Illustration reveals the secrets of the industry's most successful creatives who transfer traditional illustrative skills into digital dimensions, producing the highest quality, most commercially successful animation, three-dimensional, and vector-based illustration.
06.01.2010 | Article | Computer Arts Projects (Issue 132) - A Decade of Illustration

Once in freefall, now a freeform discipline: Lawrence Zeegen reviews a decade of radical change that saw the rebirth of illustration in the digital era...
11.11.2009 | Article | Computer Arts Projects (Issue 130) - Underground Inspirations

Lawrence Zeegen meets the studios soaking up their cultural surroundings to create fresh styles of apparel...
13.10.2009 | Article | It's Nice That...

Today is the first day of the rest of your life / Demand the Impossible
Lawrence Zeegen contributes to It's Nice That articles with a piece about the current state of play among today's art and design students...
It's Nice That
10.09.2009 | Book | What is Illustration?

What is Illustration? examines the varied and overlapping media in which illustration plays a vital role, outlining its practical components (from project briefings to ideas generation, constructing images, and storytelling), and its many applications (from newspaper and magazine editorials to book publishing, advertising, design, music, fashion, websites and branding).
01.08.2009 | Article | Computer Arts - Opinion - Where Next?

It isn't easy out there, but being proactive and positive will see you through the gloom of the current economic climate, says Lawrence Zeegen
01.03.2009 | Book | Hugocreate

Since its launch, the HUGO Create challenge has grown into a truly global phenomenon, attracting over 13,000 entries from across 108 different countries worldwide. This book, written by Lawrence Zeegen, is a celebration of the 100+ best designs from across the globe.
01.09.2008 | Article | Computer Arts - ICON5 - Review

ICON5 – The Big Picture
Lawrence Zeegen attends the New York City illustration conference that delivers on all fronts…
01.08.2008 | Article | Computer Arts Projects - Illustration, New Opportunities

Illustration – New Opportunities
Illustration remains en vogue; reborn for a new audience, a new generation of illustrators have broken across borders and boundaries to take the discipline into new territories. Lawrence Zeegen investigates…
01.08.2008 | Article | Computer Arts - Design Graduate Survival Guide

Design Graduate Survival Guide
For thousands of design graduates, this summer will be a battlefield. As credit crunch competition for employment heats up – Darwinian evolutionary theories ring truer than ever. Lawrence Zeegen sets out survival tactics…
01.07.2008 | Article | Varoom - How to be an Illustrator

How to be an illustrator – Darrel Rees (Laurence King)
Booked Reviewer - Lawrence Zeegen
01.06.2008 | Book | The Illustrated Brighton Moment

Edited by Susanna Jones and Lawrence Zeegen, The Illustrated Brighton Moment, is a witty, profound, heartwarming, controversial and above all dazzlingly original portrait of a place and its people.
01.06.2008 | Article | Computer Arts - Opinion - 99% of Design is Crap

99% of Design is Crap
Ask yourself this question - What was the last truly excellent piece of graphic design that you’ve seen recently? Tricky isn’t it? Lawrence Zeegen apportions blame…
01.03.2008 | Article | Computer Arts Projects - Music Design Now!

Music Design Now!
Evolution or revolution? Within just a few short years, design for the music industry has altered beyond recognition – how and why and what does this mean for tomorrow’s designers? Lawrence Zeegen investigates…
01.01.2008 | Book | Maki

Based in the outskirts of Groningen, Dutch studio Maki was created when graphic designer Matthijs Maat teamed up with illustrator Kim Smits in 2005. The duo have enjoyed steadily growing success. This book, with an introduction by Lawrence Zeegen, investigates their practice.
01.12.2007 | Article | Computer Arts Projects - Black and White Design

Black and White
Black and White design - a case of Less is More or Form Follows Function? Lawrence Zeegen examines the resurgence in monochrome working methods and it’s graphic language…
01.10.2007 | Book | Secrets of Digital Illustration - A Master Class in Commercial Image-Making

What matters most to image-makers is to communicate through a personal visual language. In Secrets of Illustration, Lawrence Zeegen shows how to achieve this, continuing his exploration of image-making through a showcase of exemplary work.