Forthcoming | Book | 50 Years of Illustration

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Expected: September 15th 2014
Overview: This book charts contemporary illustrations rich history: the rampant idealism of the 1960s, the bleak realism of the 1970s, the over-blown consumerism of the 1980s, the digital explosion of the 1990s, followed by the increasing diversification of illustration in the early twenty-first century. The book explores the contexts in which the discipline has operated and looks historically, sociologically, politically and culturally at the key factors at play across each decade, whilst artworks by key illustrators bring the decade to life. Contemporary illustrations impact and influence on design and popular culture are investigated through introductory essays and profiles of leading practitioners, illustrated with examples of their finest work.

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Forthcoming | Book | Ladybird by Design

Publisher: Ladybird Books / Penguin Books
Expected: January 2015
Overview: This book investigates the cultural significance and educational and social impact of these well-considered, well-written and well-designed, affordable little books; exploring their editorial and production origins, their design, typographic and illustration ethos and aesthetics, their place in an evolving society and the unique way in which they captured a sense of a very British childhood for generations or Ladybird readers and collectors. Ladybird by Design explores the lushly illustrated utopian world of Ladybird, unpacking the emotional, cultural and iconic power of a unique slice of Britain's visual history

30.04.2014 | Article | It's Nice That - Opinion: Pick Me Up / Put Me Down

Lawrence Zeegen reviews Pick Me Up 2014, 5 years on from its initial burst into the contemporary graphic art scene

01.01.2014 | Article | Varoom (Issue 24) - Return to Ladybird World

For a generation of middle-aged adults, the lushly illustrated world of Ladybird brought education, the rush of collecting, and a utopian vision of middle-class life. Author of a forthcoming book celebrating Ladybird’s 100 years in 2015, Lawrence Zeegen unpacks the emotional, cultural and iconic power of a unique slice of visual history

28.10.2013 | Article | Computer Arts (Issue 219) - Why design schools need to teach life-long skills

Lawrence Zeegen reflects on how art and design schools can best prepare students for an industry in flux

01.10.2013 | Article | Varoom (Issue 23) - Illustration After Illustration

Lawrence Zeegen writes on the future of illustration and the demise of the static image

30.09.2013 | Article | It's Nice That - A Week On Monday

Lawrence Zeegen writes on 80s pop and Japanese junk

14.06.2013 | Article | Computer Arts Presents (Issue 14) / The Portfolio Handbook - Student Portfolios

Lawrence Zeegen reveals the vital pointers in creating and presenting a student portfolio in today's ever complex creative industries

16.04.2013 | Article |

Lawrence Zeegen invited to contribute an article dedicated to Words, Drawings, Photographs, and Publications
09.04.2013 | Article | Computer Arts (Issue 214) - Are you in it for the fame, or the game?

Lawrence Zeegen writes on building a strong reputation from a strong body of work
14.03.2013 | Article | Computer Arts Presents (Issue 12) / The Self-Promo Handbook - Increasing Your Reach

Lawrence Zeegen explores the practical tips required to elevate your design status and catch the attention of the people who count
06.03.2013 | Article | It's Nice That - Opinion: Away from Design Indaba, South Africa's graphics tell a tense story

Fresh from his trip to South Africa for Design Indaba, Lawrence Zeegen explains where he found the country’s real graphic vernacular
08.11.2012 | Article | Computer Arts Presents ( Issue 10) / The Design Student Handbook - Choosing the Right Route

Lawrence Zeegen provides essential advice and expert guidance on kickstarting your design education
05.10.2012 | Article | Computer Arts (Issue 206) - Back to School

As the new academic year starts, Zeegen speaks out on £27k 'tuition' fees
17.09.2012 | Book | The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design

Lawrence Zeegen is a contributing writer to the Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design
Publisher: Phaidon
10.09.2012 | Book | The Fundamentals of Illustration

The Second Edition of The Fundamentals of Illustration is published now
Publisher: AVA Publishing
02.03.2012 | Article | Creative Review (March 2012) - Where is the Content? Where is the Comment?

Illustration has become entrenched in navel-gazing and self-authorship, says Lawrence Zeegen. Obsessed with its own craft, it has withdrawn from society's big debates to focus on the chit-chat of inner sanctum nothingness. It’s time for the profession to stop pleasing itself and engage with the world outside.
05.10.2011 | Article | Grafik (Issue 193) - My Design Hero: George Hardie

Lawrence Zeegen writes on his personal design hero, Professor George Hardie
22.09.2011 | Book | It's Nice That - My LDF: Lawrence Zeegen

It's Nice That speaks to Lawrence Zeegen about his London design festival
05.09.2011 | Book | Computer Arts Projects (Issue 147) - New Styles and Substance

What are the new visual aesthetics forcing forward in 2011, and who are the discipline’s leading exponents…? Lawrence Zeegen investigates and illuminates…
01.06.2011 | Book | Zeegen works with Ian Wright on KeayKolour Colourful Life campaign for Blast...

Working with Ian Wright, Zeegen overseas input into a major project with Arjo Wiggins for their KeayKolour project, Colourful Life.
21.05.2011 | Article | Grafik (Issue 190) - This is who I am and this is what I do

Lawrence Zeegen writes a piece for the design education issue. He focuses on new communication designers from Kingston.