Archive: 2012
28.11.2012 | UAL Meets - Michael Wolff

Lawrence Zeegen interviews Michael Wolff of Wolff Olins and Michael Wolff & Company at Central Saint Martins for UAL Meets...
27.11.2012 | Designer Breakfast - Bright Young Things, What Next For Design Education - The Design Museum

Lawrence Zeegen joins a panel of distinguished design experts to discuss the future of design education
08.11.2012 | Article | Computer Arts Presents ( Issue 10) / The Design Student Handbook - Choosing the Right Route

Lawrence Zeegen provides essential advice and expert guidance on kickstarting your design education
23.10.2012 | Create in Brighton

Zeegen invited to judge Create in Brighton, the annual graphic design, illustration and photography awards for Brighton based talent
20.10.2012 | Guardian Big Draw

Zeegen joins fellow Guardian illustrators to run drawing and image-making workshops for children
15.10.2012 | Future Cities: Service Design - Taipei World Design Congress

Zeegen is invited conference panelist at the Future Cities: Service Design seminar at the Taipei World Design Congress in Taiwan
05.10.2012 | Article | Computer Arts (Issue 206) - Back to School

As the new academic year starts, Zeegen speaks out on £27k 'tuition' fees
28.09.2012 | University of the Arts London Online interviews Lawrence Zeegen

Lawrence Zeegen speaks on the future of art and design education, his inspirations, passions and design heroes
17.09.2012 | Book | The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design

Lawrence Zeegen is a contributing writer to the Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design
Publisher: Phaidon
10.09.2012 | Book | The Fundamentals of Illustration

The Second Edition of The Fundamentals of Illustration is published now
Publisher: AVA Publishing
09.07.2012 | Zeegen leads Nike's Journey to Greatness project for UAL

Zeegen guides University of the Arts London graduates through Nike's Journey to Greatness project
28.06.2012 | What Next? The Youth of Today debate the state of the nation - KK Outlet

Lawrence Zeegen chairs What Next? Symposium at KK Outlet
30.05.2012 | Portfolio | Fujitsu Shaping Tomorrow ebook / app development

19.05.2012 | Judge for the Inkygoodness Illustration Character Competition

Zeegen chosen as judge for the Inkygoodness illustration character competition
10.04.2012 | Greek Graphic Design Association Annual Awards 2012

Lawrence Zeegen, on behalf of ICOGRADA asked to sit on the jury for the Greek Graphic Design Association Annual Awards 2012 in Athens, Greece
02.03.2012 | Article | Creative Review (March 2012) - Where is the Content? Where is the Comment?

Illustration has become entrenched in navel-gazing and self-authorship, says Lawrence Zeegen. Obsessed with its own craft, it has withdrawn from society's big debates to focus on the chit-chat of inner sanctum nothingness. Itís time for the profession to stop pleasing itself and engage with the world outside.