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28.12.2005 | Guardian | Shock, awe and technology

07.12.2005 | Guardian | In law - inequality among sexes

23.11.2005 | Guardian | Global Hostage-taking

01.11.2005 | Guardian | Drug Dependency

12.10.2005 | Guardian | Racists amongst us...

01.10.2005 | Portfolio | Genealogy Column 05

01.10.2005 | Book | The Fundamentals of Illustration

The Fundamentals of Illustration investigates the generation of ideas, interpretation of the brief, analogue and digital working methods, and the art of self-promotion through examples of contemporary practice, this book offers a unique resource and insight into illustration.
01.09.2005 | Portfolio | Work hard at being no. 02

01.09.2005 | Book | Digital Illustration - A Master Class in Creative Image-Making

Digital Illustration captures the spirit of image-making, drawing on both traditional and emerging techniques and media. It is a truly practical and inspirational guide for professional image-makers. Combining influences from art and design, fashion, music and street culture, it demands attention.
01.06.2005 | Portfolio | Expo

02.03.2005 | Design, Tradition and Modernity Conference - NID, Ahmedabad, India

It is not the Winning; it is the Taking Part - Abstract
Design education canít win. Or so it seems. Sat between a rock and hard place, the best courses in design education seek to create forward-thinking, motivated and talented designers with a thirst for knowledge, enquiring minds and ecologically and socially responsible attitudes.
01.03.2005 | Portfolio | No Vision: No Design